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Accounting Information & Management

Kellogg Accounting Information & Management Department

The Accounting Information & Management Department is a leader in research that advances the understanding of a broad range of economic forces and institutional features that influence how firms make economic decisions and assess performance.

Key areas of research include how market participants use accounting information, the incentives for firms and other parties to disclose information, and the use of accounting information in contracting relationships, audit planning, and performance evaluation. Additionally, the faculty work to train and produce the next generation of leading research scholars.

Our faculty members are at the leading edge of accounting research and practice.

Faculty in Accounting Information & Management serve on the editorial boards of leading accounting research journals, such as Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Accounting Research, Review of Accounting Studies, and Contemporary Accounting Research. Further, our faculty have served as the editor for The Accounting Review, and have occupied prominent advisory positions for the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

The Accounting Research Center is affiliated with the department. Formally created in 1978, the Accounting Research Center supports the research of the Kellogg School's accounting faculty. In support of this program, the Accounting Research Center conducts seminars, funds the acquisition of data and equipment, and hosts conferences for academics and practitioners. For questions, please contact Ron Dye, Director of the Accounting Research Center.

Upcoming Events

November 28, 2018 | 01:15 PM
Kellogg Global Hub, 4101
December 05, 2018 | 01:15 PM
Kellogg Global Hub, 4101
February 27, 2019 | 09:45 AM
Kellogg Global Hub, 4302

Featured Faculty Members

Beverly Walther

Professor Walther studies how financial forecasts and stock market behaviors can influence each other.

Daniel Aobdia

Recent research from Professor Aobdia explores how highly skilled immigrants fit into the labor market.

Swaminathan Sridharan

A recent study by Professor Sridharan looks at whether CEOs improve their performance after their pay is cut.

Recent Accounting Research

Unionization, Product Market Competition and Strategic Disclosure
Daniel Aobdia, Lin Cheng, Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2018
Voting over Disclosure Standards
Jeremy Bertomeu, Robert Magee, Georg Schneider, European Accounting Review, 2018
Equilibrium Voluntary Disclosures, Asset Pricing, and Information Transfers
Ronald A. Dye, John S Hughes, Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2018
Do CEO Pay Cuts Really Work?
Gerald Lobo, Hariom Manchiraju, Swaminathan Sridharan, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 2017
Are Immigrants Complements or Substitutes? Evidence from the Audit Industry
Anup Srivastava, Daniel Aobdia, Erqiu Wang, Management Science, 2017

Accounting News

Does It Pay Off to Invest in Companies That Engage in Sustainable Practices?
Aaron Yoon, Kellogg Insight, November 06, 2018
Can Cutting CEO Pay Help a Faltering Company Rebound?
Swaminathan Sridharan, Kellogg Insight, August 02, 2018
Unlocking Private-Sector Funds for Sustainable Development
Aaron Yoon, Project Syndicate, July 26, 2018
Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multiemployer Pension Plans
James Naughton, U.S. Senate & House of Representatives, July 25, 2018
The Importance Of The Healthcare Sector To The Sustainable Development Goals
Aaron Yoon, Forbes, July 01, 2018

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